Mold Testing Instructions

Follow these simple instructions to quickly take samples of possible mold contamination. Mail them to Mold Testing Lab, and we'll send results and information to you via email within 24 hours of recieving your samples.

How to test for mold in your home or business:

To take your own mold samples, follow these simple instructions. You will receive the lab results via email within 24 hours of the receipt of the samples.

How to test for mold in your home or business: First, identify the likely areas for finding mold spores.

Central heat & air conditioning filter area: Access the filter area of your HVAC unit (as if you were changing the filter). You will likely notice many areas of dust buildup.

Central heat & air conditioning intake area: Look for a large grill or vent (when your HVAC system is running, this grill will be "sucking" air in, as opposed to blowing it out). Again, there will likely be some areas of dust buildup here.

Air vents: Look around heat or air conditioning vents. You may see some streaking or dust buildup. You may also remove the vent grill and sample inside the duct, which is very effective.

Obvious mold or mildew stains: You may have spots in your home, especially in basements, around windows or doors, under window-unit air conditioners, or on walls, that appear to be water damaged or stained. In many cases, a mildew-like substance will be visible.

Damp or leaky areas: Anywhere you have noticed dampness.

Window Air Conditioner units: Either the intake area (look for dust buildup on the lower front of the unit) or areas below the unit (look for water stains on the windowsill or floor).

Bathrooms: Any area of visible mold or mildew.

To order your tests: Fill out the Sample Submittal Form, and use the "order" link at the bottom of the form. When the order process is completed, make a note of the PayPal order transaction number located in your payment confirmation email.

To take your samples:

The three items you will need:

First: The order confirmation number from our web site indicating payment has been made.

Second: A piece of paper or card with the following:
Your Full Name
Control number from the Mold Testing Lab website
Street Address
City, St. Zip Code
Phone Number
Email address (necessary to receive report via email)
Area Sampled (example: kitchen cabinet, living room wall)
Date and time sample taken
Name of person taking sample:
Or: Click here for a printable sample label.

Third: A three inch piece of clear scotch tape and a "ziplock" style plastic bag for each sample. Make sure the tape is clear and not frosted. PLEASE use a "freezer bag" or heavier weight bag; DO NOT use plastic wraps like "Saran Wrap".

How to take a sample

1. Choose the area of most concern for testing. We suggest testing any areas with visible mildew or water damage.

2. Take a three inch piece of clear scotch tape. Fold one end over, sticky side to sticky side, to make a 1/2 inch tab handle (this will give you something to grasp). Leave the rest of the sticky side exposed.

3. Gently depress the sticky side of the tape against the area you are testing, and lift the tape off. You should try to get a sample about the size of a postage stamp. More is not necessarily better as it will be observed through a powerful microscope.

4. Adhere the sticky side of the tape to the inside of the zip lock bag. Wash hands immediately.

5. Tape the piece of paper with your information and sample location inside the zip lock bag . Place the zip lock bag inside a mailing envelope and mail it to:

Mold Testing Lab
9325 Seminole Blvd
Seminole, FL 33772

All set? All you need to do is take your samples, and visit our submittal page!