Mold Testing Lab's links & help on mold

Visit the links below for more information about toxic mold contamination and health effects.

The Mold Source The web's best resource for toxic mold information. Long a major resource for homeowners and families, The Mold Source is quickly becoming the information hub for attorneys, doctors, and health professionals. One of the more important issues in the insurance industry today is how toxic mold relates to both personal and commercial lines insurance policies. offers clear and factual information to interested parties on the matter, in an attempt to offer scientific and rational discourse.

DoctorFungus is your on-line reference to all things mycological! A comprehensive resource for descriptions of the fungi and the infections that they may cause in people, animals, and plants, with info regarding environmental infestations due to fungi.

Heath Effects of Toxic Mold
Symptoms to watch for.

About Molds
Asthma trigger information from the Environmental Protection Agency

Facts About Mold
The New York City Health Department has developed this fact sheet to address some of the most common questions and concerns regarding mold.

This site is designed to provide information on pathogenic Aspergilli for clinicians and scientific researchers. The site includes DNA sequence data, a comprehensive bibliographic database, laboratory protocols, treatment information and discussion groups. There are over four thousand members of this site, which has been visited from seventy-six countries.