affordable toxic mold testing in 24 hours!


Toxic Mold Testing

Welcome to the Mold Testing Lab... affordable toxic mold testing in 24 hours!

Only $40 per sample!

Toxic Mold is now recognized as a danger to public health and a destroyer of property value. But for many homeowners, tenants, landlords and employers, professional on-site mold testing is an expensive proposition... often costing as much as $2,500.00.

As experts in toxic mold detection, we have developed the fastest (results in 24 hours), least expensive, ($40) and most effective method to quickly determine if toxic mold exists in the most likely areas of your home or office. With this information, you may determine if more extensive testing or a remediation (professional cleanup) plan is necessary.

This initial testing is easy and convenient. No technicians will visit your home. Using simple household materials and our on-line instructions, YOU can actually take samples and send them to our lab, saving valuable time and money. The Mold Testing Lab provides you with a full report and an analysis, via email, within 24 hours of receiving your samples. With every report we also include helpful information to assist you in planning what steps you should take next.

Mold Testing Lab sampling procedures are simple, safe, and effective in determining if toxic mold is affecting your home or office. Use the links at left to learn more about mold, get testing instructions, and order your report.